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Data Recovery Free Datarecovery Harddrive recovery

Did you lose your data ?

- What if the computer can't see your hard drive?
- What if your computer was infected by a virus?
- What if your email program can't find your emails?
- What if you (or somebody else) formatted your hard drive by mistake?
- Or what if somebody deliberately erased your data?

- What if your computer was struck by lightning?
...or what if it was in a fire?

- What if the computer fell out of an open window?
...and was run over by a truck?

- Or what if it has started to sound like a helicopter ready to crash?

Free diagnosis Harddrive recovery Hard drive failure crash

Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (+45) 70 20 20 80 is the only number you need for all your data recovery needs.

Our diagnosis is 100% FREE. Even if you do not accept our offer, the only thing it will cost you is return shipping if you want your drive back.

No matter what computer you are using, we can help. It doesn't matter to us if you are using Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix or DOS. Utilizing our proprietary tools we will recover all data from hard drives as well as RAID systems, CDs, DVDs, USB memory sticks, cameras, phones, MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, Compact Flash, SD, MMC and other memory cards. We can also recover lost data from Exchange servers, Outlook and other mail programs as well as repair corrupted/damaged videos (MOV/MP4/AVI/WMV) and pictures (JPG) and also repair damaged Word, Excel and Access files.

Some of the most typical errors we encounter are servo and positioning, calibration errors, damaged file systems and partitions, accidental formatting or deletion af data and last but not least damage to the read/write heads and/or the hard drive platters.

No matter what went wrong, we will most likely be able to recover your data at a very reasonable price. We have many years of experience recovering data in both the U.S. and Europe...

- A little free advice... Do not attempt an "easy" solution unless you know exactly what you are doing. - Many of the small utilities that claim to be able to recover your data can make matters worse and sometimes even render your data inaccessible if they weren't made for your hard drive and/or for the specific problem you have with your drive.
Even programs that come with Windows, such as Scandisk or Chkdsk can make data recovery impossible...

At 7,200 RPM the edge of the platter is traveling at over 74 miles per hour, so if your data is lost, we recommend you turn the computer off, take the hard drive out and send it to a professional.

Please note that if you continue using your computer after you have lost data, you will make your data loss situation worse. Data recovery will be more expensive and you might even make recovery impossible if you create new files, write to existing files (even temporary files as the Windows swap file), if you install new programs, start Internet Explorer or start your computer as part of a network...